New Out Of The Box And Works A Lot Better Than Any Other Transmitter I Ever Have Owned.

Always nice to see customers upload their videos of their stations and how they use the equipment. Big big thanks !! to ‘shamuutube’ and keep up the great work ­čÖé

This is the 30W transmitter complete with audio processing / limiter. You can find more information on this at, email us at or you can purchase directly here.



  1. Davin

    Hi there, please recommend antenna and all cabling required to compliant the 30w amp and fm stereo driver. And quote for same. What broadcast range can I expect from this combination. Antenna will be on a 50 foot height to start. Thank you kind regards Davin

    1. aareff (Post author)

      Hi Davin.

      We have a package that includes the stereo driver with audio limiter, 30W amplifier, 20 metres (66ft) of cable and the stacked dipole or the 5/8 high gain antenna. This combination of antenna and cable will produce 75W ERP from the antenna. You can find this at or buy it here.


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