Another +7.8dBi Gain Mamasita Rolls Off The Workbench Again With Outstanding Performance

This antenna is amazing, super high gain, physically strong and good bandwidth (for a narrow band design antenna)

We just finished this antenna today, and straight off the bench and on to the SWR meter it was less than 1.5. We tweaked it a little with the tuning bar at the bottom and straight down to 1.0

This one is destined to Haiti to replace a 4 way stacked dipole that was destroyed in the recent Hurricane Matthew. For the first time we will be able to do a direct comparison with a four way dipole stack correctly spaced at 0.9 wave length, with the same geographic position and tower. These dipoles were in service for many years, so Mamasita has a lot to live up to and compete with.

What’s of great interest here is that all the simulation programs for antennas show that a four way dipole stack will out perform the double 5/8 co linear Mamasita, but the few real physical tests that we’ve made have not agreed with the simulations, this is going to be a great opportunity to really verify if indeed the Mamasita can really equal or even outperform the 4 dipoles.

We excitedly wait 🙂


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  1. murray bone

    yeah funny how this ones comeback maybe it will be right
    this time maybe all the tests will work out who knows
    its going to interesting to watch this one


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