1000 Watt (1KW) ERP FM Transmitter System

1000 Watts Effective Radiated Power

The combination of 400 watts amplifier power, 20 meters of foam grade LMR400 and a high powered stacked dipole results in a radiated power of 1000 watts (1 KW). To a listener at the horizon this is equal and identical to the signal received from a 1 KW transmitter with a single dipole antenna.

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Everything You Need

This system includes everything you need to get the radio transmission side of your station up and running on delivery. The only thing you need to provide is a pole, mast or tower to put the antennas on and a standard stereo line (0dBm) audio signal from your studio or link equipment.

Simple Set Up

Instructions are supplied to show the station engineer how to set this system to any frequency from 87.5 - 108.0 MHz. However, when we assemble this system we have to test and set it to some frequency, please select the frequency in price panel that you would like it set to on delivery.

System Package Contents

19" Rack FM Stereo Exciter with Limiter
19" Rack Amplifier Splitter
Two 19" Rack 200W Amplifier (400W)
Two 20m Phased Foam Antenna Cable
Two Phased High Power Dipoles
All Interconnectiong Cables
Antenna Mounting Brackets

Built In Back Up

The advantage to using separate amplifiers is that if you need to service or clean an amplifier you can turn that amplifier off and the other amplifier stays on and keeps the station on air at slightly reduced power. This is basically Built In Back Up. Our customers specifically said this was a great feature of this package because their stations had significantly less down time for maintenance.

19" Rack FM Stereo Exciter with Limiter

This neat, simple and great looking 2U 19" rack unit with intense blue LEDs produces the high quality FM stereo signal at your chosen frequency. The signal is excited up to 1 watt of RF ready for further amplification. The limiter and stereo coder can be completely disabled if you want to use an external processor such as Orban, Inovonics or PC generated MPX/RDS. This unit complies with European standards ETS 300384 for R&TTE, EN 301 489-11 for EMC and (LVD) 2006/95/EC for safety.

19" Rack Distribution / Splitter Amplifier

The 1 watt signal from the exciter is further amplified by this unit, then it is split accurately in phase and amplitude into separate 1 watt outputs. This important split drives the successive amplifiers correctly for combining process.

Two 19" Rack 200 Watt Amplifiers

The two amplifiers together produce 400 watts of transmitter power. Each amplifier operates with ease at full power 24 hours a day non stop in any country and with any AC voltage in the world. The amplifiers have a neat little meter on the front panel lit up with intense blue LED's to indicate forward and reflected power. The amplifiers are fully protected from poor SWR and return loss of level for any duration of time.

Two 20 Meter Antenna Cable

These high quality cables are foam dielectric and carry the radio signal 20 meters to the two dipole antenns with only a loss of 0.8dB, this would normally be used for stations with towers, or masts of 15 meters in height.

2 Way High Power Dipole (+4.7dB Gain)

The two way, tier or stacked dipole package includes phase matched dipoles. The antenna multiplies the power from the antenna cables by 2.9 times horizontally to the horizon making sure maximum signal is efficiently put in the right place and not wasted into space or ground.

20 Years, Still Here

Over the last 20 years in Africa and Middle East alone we sold our systems into Congo, Uganda, Liberia, Zambia, Yemen, Rep South Africa, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Southern Sudan, Kenya, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria and Niger. Our transmitters are very popular in very hot climates as they handle the heat and the dust very well under 24/7 operation.

Our Passion for Radio

We have tried to think of everything you will need to save you time when doing the installation. The package also includes, antenna mounting brackets, nuts and bolts, even the cable ties to strap your antenna cable to the mast. All you need to provide, is a tower or mast (at least 15 meters in height) to install the antenna system on and a standard line level stereo audio feed from your studio mixer or link.

We are primarily engineers with a passion for radio, not sales people. If you have any technical questions please feel free to email us.