Mixed Circular FM Transmitter Antenna 800 watts

Technical Specifications

Gain -0.8 dBi at tuned frequency
Frequency Tuned to order 87.5 to 108 MHz
Bandwidth 0.5 MHz for SWR of 1.5
SWR 1.2 Max at tuned frequency
Max Power 800 Watts
Construction Aluminium and Teflon
Connector UHF/SO-239 or N-Type
Impedance 50 ohm unbalanced
Polarisation Mixed / Circular
Weight 1.5Kg

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Intended Use

This model is a mixed or circular polarisation dipole antenna for FM band 88 to 108 MHz. The antenna is a simple, compact design made of lightweight aluminium, ideal for low-power broadcast stations up to 800W. In densely populated areas the mixed polarisation provides better penetration of buildings and man made structures over vertical or horizontal only polarisation. It is available with UHF/SO239 Teflon or N type connector. Multiple units can be stacked to provide higher gain.

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