FM Transmitter Systems

We have been putting FM transmitter systems together for nearly 20 years. Look no further we are your radio stations one stop shop for all the equipment you need.

FM Transmitter Antennas

Unlike other manufacturers we make transmitters and antennas, this means we can supply the best antenna for your FM transmitter at great value for money.


In the business 20 years, we are qualified to give you the best advice. From Internet Radio to FM Transmitters, we are your low cost source of expertise

Another +7.8dBi Gain Mamasita Rolls Off The Workbench Again With Outstanding Performance

This antenna is amazing, super high gain, physically strong and good bandwidth (for a narrow band design antenna) We just finished this antenna today, and straight off the bench and on to the SWR meter it was less than 1.5….Read more


Signal Coverage Plots from Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM)

We were asked recently by a customer in Haiti to make some coverage plots from a particular site in the south of the country from the side of a mountain. We’ve been doing these plots quietly for years. We make…Read more


Reducing the Power of the Aareff 100W Power Amplifier or Transmitter

Just had a call for a customer in the UK who wanted to know how to reduce the power of a 100W amplifier (same for a 100W transmitter) internally down to 70W to comply with OFCOMs licencing conditions. I said…Read more


Border crossing with transmitters from Dominican Republic to Haiti and back

It came to our attention recently that little town of Dajabon in Dominican Republic has a international market every Monday and Friday where the border is completely open, no restrictions, just walk through with goods backwards and forwards all day…Read more


Fixing a 6 year old 100W transmitter

If you find yourself in possession of an old 100W transmitter that has burnt out, there is light at the end of the tunnel and a high possibility it can be repaired. The one featured here was not looked after…Read more


New Product! 200W Stereo FM Transmitter with Digital Frequency Display

The guys have been working hard here this time bringing a long overdue Aareff transmitter with a digital frequency display. This all came about as we decided to design an all in one enclosure 200W Stereo FM Transmitter. The previous…Read more