By Yoneli J

These STLs use two long range 900MHz, 2.4GHz or 5GHz active panels of a few hundred milli watts with 16 to 20dBi antennas, this is ample power to get the studio to transmitter signal 10km and more. The link is a digital stream, each panel is connected to a Barix codec to provide analogue audio in and out.
The panels use the latest OFDM modulation which is very robust even a low signal levels with interference. The Barix codecs encode and decode the stereo analogue audio into the robust mp3 digital stream. At the receiver end of the link the audio is so good, no noise, no distortion, nothing, it’s sounds like it’s connected directly by cable to the mixer in the studio.

You install the STL antenna panel on the same tower as the FM antennas, if possible underneath the FM antennas as low down as possible. You don’t need a separate tower. It is important that the STL antenna panel at the studio can see the STL panel antenna at the FM tower, this is a “LINE OF SIGHT” system for 5GHz and 2.4GHz and “NEARLY LINE OF SIGHT” for 900MHz. It does not matter how low the STL panel is on the FM tower as long as it can see the studio STL panel.

We have had great success with the STL package to all customers we have sold to, not one complaint. Because the system is digital using an mp3 stream of 192 K/bs, the audio quality in stereo is at the highest level.

You don’t need an internet connection to do point to point, you only need 2 long range 900MHz, 2.4GHz or 5GHz panels, instreamer and exstreamer.

Audio is applied directly to the Barix instreamer. The ethernet port of the Barix instreamer is connected to the active panel. This panel transmits the TCIP signal to another active panel up to 10Km away. This panel connects to the ethernet port of the Barix extreamer. This exstreamer outputs audio directly.

The mixer plugs directly into the Barix Instreamer, this then connects to the active panel via the standard CAT5/6 network cable. At the transmitter site, the same in reverse, the active panel plugs into the Barix Exstreamer and then audio comes directly out of this unit on two RCA phonos sockets. No internet connection is required. The audio quality is amazing, no noise, no distortion, it’s just like taking the output of the mixer and plugging it straight into the transmitter. The traditional old STLs used to mess up the audio quality, not too much, but a little bit.

If you managed to configure your station for streaming on the web, you will be able to set up one of these links.

Barix codecs replace completely the computer required at each end of the link, the codecs connect directly to the panels.