Message for Aareff Systems from USA

” Finally got my first set of 50 minutes all on your FM box and those Sangean radios. I did get a lot of bleed-over from a distant station in another state but once your FM TX came on it overpowered it. A little hash not even in hearing range is there…. but this is music and hardly any space.

I ran the audio through iZotope in my editor and got the sound soooo full and rich without clipping. It’s like re-mastering it I had that program for a year but never used it…. now, everything must be ran through that program.

Go check out DJ KOZEE here: She has 5X10 minutes video if you want to see the rest. You can actually see me in a dark orange cap in some of the sequence holding one of the two mobil cams. Another cam was the opposite side of her. More coming of other DJ’s.

Thanks a MILLION for a super good product. ” -Ted, USA