1. Accessing your Router to Configure the Barix internet STL

Before starting this process you must know how to access your router and have the username and password. If you don’t, check out your documentation, your router’s label, your manufacturer’s website and possibly your internet service provider for this. Without this information you cannot set up the internet STL and should not proceed any further.

2. Get the Instreamer IP Address

You will need some headphones with a the standard small 3.5 mm stereo plug, like phone and MP3 player headphones, nothing expensive. Now get a pen and paper. Connect the Instreamer to the router using a short network cable with RJ45 connectors. Plug the headphones into the Instreamer and put them on your ears. Power up the Instreamer and within a few seconds you will here some numbers spoken to you through the headphones. Write these down using your pen and paper. The numbers will normally be 192.168. X . X or 10.0. X. X where X will be some number between 0 and 255. These numbers are the Instreamer IP address and you will need them for the Internet STL configuration.

3. Make the Instreamer IP Address static

Go to any computer that is using the internet connection on the router. Open a browser and type into address bar the Instreamer IP address you wrote down. In our example it was, your number will almost certainly be different. You should see the Instreamer configuration screen shown at the top of this page.

Click CONFIGURATION on the top menu, then click Advanced Settings, then Network on the left side menu. You should see the following screen. In the IP Address field enter the Instreamer IP address. Click Apply just below the left side menu. The Instreamer will save the new settings and make a four second reboot.

Instreamer Configuration with a Router for an STL 2

4. LAN Local Area Networks and WAN Wide Area Networks

The Instreamer IP Address is a local area network address or LAN IP address and is only available to other computers and devices connected to your router. Your Instreamer needs to be visible to the world Wide Area Network or WAN for the internet STL to work correctly

Instreamer Configuration with a Router for an STL 3

Your router has WAN IP address. This is assigned by your internet service provider. To find the number you have been assigned go to ipaddress.com or whatismyip.com

In our example our router WAN IP address is The router needs to be configured so that when you type the WAN IP address into the browser address bar anywhere in the world, you see the Instreamer screen just the same as if you type in the Instreamer LAN IP address. To do this we need to connect together the router WAN IP address and the Instreamer LAN IP address by forwarding port 80 in the router configuration.

5. Configuring Router Port Forwarding

Each manufacturer uses different software on their routers. There are some screenshots below of the port forwarding settings from each of the major brands. If your router is not shown here, it should still give you an idea. For port forwarding you need to look in the menu sections Ports, Port Forwarding, Firewall or Virtual Servers. There are five fields to fill in, these fields are known by slightly different names on each router, but they are essentially the same thing. Complete the five fields as follows:

  • Name/Application/Description: INSTREAMER
  • External/Start/Inbound Port: 80
  • Internal/End/Local Port: 80
  • Protocol/Traffic Type/Type: BOTH/ANY
  • IP Address: Instreamer IP Address you wrote down

When you have done this, save the changes in the router and then restart the router and log in again and make sure the settings have been saved properly.


Instreamer Configuration with a Router for an STL 4


Instreamer Configuration with a Router for an STL 5


Instreamer Configuration with a Router for an STL 6


Instreamer Configuration with a Router for an STL 7

Now enter WAN IP address that you found at ipaddress.com or whatismyip.com into your web browser. If it’s working correctly you should see the Instreamer configuration screen just the same as if you type in the Instreamer LAN IP address.

To be absolutely sure it’s working go to the following site and use their tool http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ In our example it displayed the following screen.

Instreamer Configuration with a Router for an STL 8

You should now be able to access the Instreamer from anywhere in the world using the WAN IP Address.