Hosanna Radio started of as a small community radio program for the locals in Jacmel, south of Haiti. Using our equipment they are now the most popular radio station in the region. All this is since 2011.

It was a challenge keeping them on air at first due to the high level of sand and salt in the air, not to mention the corrosive effect it had on the circuits. With a careful redesign in the critical areas of the circuitry, we were able to overcome these problems and provide a first class service maintaining a 24/7 broadcast. They are so satisfied with our service and equipment that they want to upgrade to a second transmitter in the mountains due to there increase in popularity.


They use the 1000W ERP system, this is two 200W amplifiers combined to give 400W with a two way stacked dipole antenna. If you want more information on this click here or you can buy here.