It came to our attention recently that little town of Dajabon in Dominican Republic has a international market every Monday and Friday where the border is completely open, no restrictions, just walk through with goods backwards and forwards all day long. The following video is worth watching and explains all this and how the people in this area of the island get along and how the European Union changed and improved the lives for these people with proper management of free trade.

We have customers that we know of in Haiti in the cities of Jacmel, Carrefour, Port-au-Prince, Saint Marc and Cap Haitien. Over the last few years some customers have visited us for service, sales, advice and repair of equipment. If you don’t know, we Aareff, are based in Santiago De Los Caballeros.

Always when our customers from Jacmel and Port-au-Prince take the south route via Barahona and and Santo Domingo they have problems at the border crossing. On the way into Dominican Republic they are always asked for a mountain of documentation to allow crossing with the equipment and if they don’t have this, they are asked to pay a fee, usually without any official receipt. If that wasn’t enough, when they return to Haiti the same route, the same happens at border crossing going the other way. The Haitian officials pull the same stunt.

One of our customers in the Cap Haitien area takes the north route and actually has a friend based in Santiago that makes the trips for him. His friend shared the experience with us and said that quite simply on a Monday and Friday in Dajabon you just walk straight across the border with the equipment, there’s no hassles, no questions, no legalities, and no demands for money, the border is open for free trade. This is the only part of border between the two countries that is like this.

In conclusion, if you are based in Haiti and you want to visit us to buy equipment or return with equipment it is worth pursuing the more usual northern route. Maybe we can talk to our customers friend in Santiago and he will make the trip for you for a small fee, it’s possible.

Let us know. 🙂