This antenna is amazing, super high gain, physically strong and good bandwidth (for a narrow band design antenna)

We just finished this antenna today, and straight off the bench and on to the SWR meter it was less than 1.5. We tweaked it a little with the tuning bar at the bottom and straight down to 1.0

This one is destined to Haiti to replace a 4 way stacked dipole that was destroyed in the recent Hurricane Matthew. For the first time we will be able to do a direct comparison with a four way dipole stack correctly spaced at 0.9 wave length, with the same geographic position and tower. These dipoles were in service for many years, so Mamasita has a lot to live up to and compete with.

What’s of great interest here is that all the simulation programs for antennas show that a four way dipole stack will out perform the double 5/8 co linear Mamasita, but the few real physical tests that we’ve made have not agreed with the simulations, this is going to be a great opportunity to really verify if indeed the Mamasita can really equal or even outperform the 4 dipoles.

We excitedly wait 🙂