Works Anywhere

Both of the following units come with a power supply for connection to any AC voltage between 90 and 260 V AC. Operation is also possible from 11 to 14V DC, ideal of vehicle battery or low voltage systems.

100% LOUD Sound Modulation

The audio level in any sound broadcasting system must be controlled to prevent over modulation. The current trend is for broadcast stations to transmit a constant level of audio optimised to 100%. The Aareff Limiter Compressor is specifically designed to achieve constant 100% modulation without any over modulation using an FM broadcasting transmitter. The result is a professional sound on your station output with all music and speech inputs. This unit is fully enclosed in aluminum and steel casing measuring 279 x 190 x 89 mm.

Stereo or Mono

This unit is also available with a built in Stereo Coder. The result of this is that instead of coming out with separate left and right audio channels, the output is single line with MPX. MPX is the Multiplex signal that is used on a non-stereo MPX input transmitters.

Technical Specifications

Peak Limiting with AGC Action
50uS Pre-emphasis (75uS USA)

Better than 1 mS Attack Time
Standard 0dBu 775 mV rms Output

Very Low Noise (-75 dBu S/N Ratio)
3 LED’s Indicate Compression Level

Very Low Distortion (0.2% at limiting)
11-16V DC and 90-260V AC Operation

30Hz-15KHz Frequency Response
Audio Inputs up to +24dBu 12Vrms