Technical Specifications

• Gain -0.8 dBi at tuned frequency

• Frequency Tuned to order 87.5 to 108 MHz

• Bandwidth 0.5 MHz for SWR of 1.5

• SWR 1.2 Max at tuned frequency

• Max Power 800 Watts

• Construction Aluminium and Teflon

• Connector UHF/SO-239 or N-Type

• Input Z 50 ohm unbalanced

• Polarisation Mixed / Circular

• Weight 1.5Kg

The antenna is a simple, compact design made of lightweight aluminium, ideal for low-power broadcast stations up to 800W. In densely populated areas it provides high penetration. It is available with UHF/SO239 Teflon or N type connector. Multiple units can be stacked to provide higher gain.
This model is a mixed or circular polarisation dipole antenna for FM band 88 to 108 MHz.