Simple And Great For The Beginner

Our single tuned dipole is ideal for the beginner who wants to get on air fast within a limited price budget. The dipole has a built-in transformer to match the 72 ohm balanced terminal impedance to 50 ohm unbalanced (balun) feeder cable. This will provide an SWR of 1.5 or less and the correct termination to the transmitter.

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The entire dipole system is truly plug and play with a SO-239 socket fitted and a strong mounting clamp provided. Normally the dipole clamps in a vertical position as high off the ground as possible to a mounting pole (1″ to 1.5″ Diameter) which you need to provide yourself.

Four Versions

Two frequency types of dipole are required to cover the entire FM broadcast band 88-98 MHz and 98-108 MHz. The dipole is available with a) rods to cover 87.5 to 98 or b) rods for 98 to 108 or c) with both sets of rods for 87.5 to 98 and 98 to 108. Versions a) b) and c) can handle 200W maximum. There is also a fourth version available, d) This uses the lighter cable of RG58 and only handles 50W maximum, but it has 12 metres of cable. We chose 12 metres of RG58 because at 100 MHz it has a loss of exactly 1.8dB. The dipole has a gain of 1.8dB. Therefore the net gain of the dipole and cable is 0dB. This means if you have a 10W transmitter the signal radiated from the antenna is 10W ERP, 30W transmitter, from the antenna 30W ERP. This useful and easy for small stations that have a low powered licence to be able to comply without any complicated calculations. We use this antenna and cable on our 1W ERP system. See the all these options in the price panel.