128 Kbps Streaming Plans

All the following plans will stream using Shoutcast servers at 128 Kbps, this bit rate produces near CD high quality sound and is perfect to compliment FM broadcasting.


$6 /10 GB

500 Listeners
178 Hours (TLH)
10 GB Bandwidth
1 GB Auto DJ

500 GB Plan

$30.00 /month

1000 Listeners
8889 Hours (TLH)
500 GB Bandwidth
2 GB Auto DJ

1000 GB Plan

$54.00 /month

1000 Listeners
17778 Hours (TLH)
1000 GB Bandwidth
4 GB Auto DJ

2000 GB Plan

$96.00 /month

2000 Listeners
35556 Hours (TLH)
2000 GB Bandwidth
10 GB Auto DJ

TLH – Total Listening Hours

We believe this is the most important parameter when choosing your streaming plan for internet radio. 1 TLH = 1 listener for 1 hour.

In the 6 USD plan that shows a TLH of 178 hours, this means you could have 1 listener for 178 hours, of 10 listeners for 17.8 hours or 100 listeners for 1.78 hours, you get the idea. Basically any number of listeners multiplied by any number of hours equals the Total Listening Hours (TLH). In the first plan the TLH is a maximum of 178 hours.

In the 96 USD plan the TLH is 35556 hours, this could be for example 100 listeners for 355.56 hours or maybe 1000 listeners for 35.556 hours. Again any combination of listeners and hours is okay providing when the two are multiplied together it does not exceed a TLH of 35556 hours .

Example 128 Kbps Internet Radio Station

This is a demo stream of 128 Kbps we are running 24 hours playing the songs of Alex Hollings. This is the most basic web player to show you how it works, there are more advanced and colourful web players available.

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