Why use your limiters? the bigger nice looking 19 inch rack limiters from Behringer and other similar brands are the same price?

For FM broadcasting the attack has to be very fast at all audio frequencies, audio above 15KHz should be cut and pre-emphasis has to be applied before limiting.The commercial 19 inch rack mount type limiters, compressors and audio processors that are for bands, discos and recording studios don’t do this.

Our limiters do not use any digital sampling, they are high quality, low distortion, low noise and analogue design, perfect for FM transmitters.

Our limiters start to cut off sharply at around 14 KHz using a Salem and Key active filter. The commercial 19 inch rack mount type work up to 20KHz and way beyond, in the applications they are designed for this is okay and there’s no reason to cut the frequency above 15 KHz. They are not designed for FM transmitters
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