This is the 5/8 FM antenna, one of our best products with over 15 years of sales. Over the years this antenna has had some small adjustments in its design but has retained it’s reliable quality made structure.

The materials we use to make this ultra reliable structure include Teflon, aluminium and brass. The Teflon carries the intense RF signal through the FM antenna without melting its base. This allows the 5/8 antenna to be used at high power, even a few KW with the 7-16 connector. Inside the aluminium tubes there are brass inserts that provide excellent conductivity between its connecting points.

In order to test the reliability of its build we gave this FM antenna some pretty tough tests. First we gave it a drop test and apart from a couple of scuff marks, the antenna was intact. After that we gave it a bend test to see how far it could bend before it snapped and our results were interesting. We managed to bend the antenna almost a full 30 degrees before we could see the metal begin to loose its structural integrity and then we bent it back and it worked perfectly again.

This year we made some major changes to the 5/8 antenna, the most significant change was providing the customer the facility to ajust the antenna between 88 and 108 MHz. We did this by making the main inductor at the base variable in steps, to put it simpler, this is an aluminium bar that can be moved over six different positions.

Aareff 5/8 FM Antenna

By changing the length and selecting the correct position it is possible to have an SWR of less than 1.1. Another change we made was that we added more telescopic sections to enable the FM antenna to be packed in a box only 60 cm in length. This allows us to send the antenna as a small packet through the postal system and therefore keep the antenna quality high, the delivery cost low and the overall price competitive and good value for money. DHL delivery is available for a small extra cost.

There are many advantages in using this antenna, however there are also a couple of disadvantages. These are shown below.

– Easy to install
– Sits on top of the tower
– True perfect omni-directional radiation pattern
– Light weight, low wind loading

– Not good for mounting on side of a tower.
– Narrow frequency range.(Only 2MHz)

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By Alex Hollings